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NOW BJ Sell Sheet for Website

NOW BJ Sell Sheet for Website

NOW BJ Sell Sheet for Website

NOW BJ Sell Sheet for Website

New BrainJuice Upgrades!

We believe that one insightful thought can change your life forever.

So, we created and are continuously perfecting BrainJuice to elevate your mind to higher levels of thought, strengthen your brain over time, and promote sustainable brain health.

If you have been a customer for a long time, or if you are a new customer, I’ll share the improved benefits of new BrainJuice.

1. New BrainJuice is more potent.

How? There are 2 reasons. First, because we upgraded to many organic and higher quality ingredients, including Organic Blueberry, Organic Acai, and Acerola Cherry Vitamin C. We also added the amino acid L-Theanine. Secondly, we found a way of preserving the liquid in a healthy way without heating it. Last time, we had to heat the final product upon bottling in order to protect the formula from microbials. That denatured some of the ingredients, lowering the potency slightly.

2. New BrainJuice is free of sugar, and all things that can cause negative health effects.

We now use Organic Stevia to lightly sweeten BrainJuice, and Organic Pomegranate and Peach flavors to add a slight fruit flavor to the dominant Green Tea taste. Most people enjoy the taste, but we want to be clear where our loyalties lie: with the health and creative benefits. BrainJuice is not a sugary drink. We believe the benefits are most important, and we will never sacrifice benefits for anything.

3. New BrainJuice is now in glass bottles, and recycled cardboard boxes!

This is important to us, since we believe in being in harmony with self, all others, and environment. We wanted packaging that can be recycled, and even if it isn’t, will biodegrade quickly. Plus, glass does not leach chemicals into the final product, as plastic can.

Thank you for coming to check out our growing baby, with whom we are proud! I guarantee that if you try BrainJuice mindfully, you will have an inspired thought that can dramatically improve your life. It does for me every single day!

Pure gratitude,

Sam Elick, BrainJuice CEO




We guarantee that you’ll have an insightful thought that will provide immeasurable value for you. If you are not completely satisfied, please send BrainJuice back for a full refund, and we’ll drink it ourselves :-)!NOW-BrainJuice-Money-Back-Guarantee-163x159



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